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AATC helps USound introduce MEMS speakers

AATC helps USound introduce MEMS speakers

Announcement Date: Mar 25, 2021

Wearables and TWS earphones steal the spotlight nowadays, which means miniature, power-saving, high-performing components are in high demand. The electro-acoustic market has seen MEMS microphones gaining popularity for quite a while, and now it's showtime for MEMS speakers. MEMS speakers rival their electro-dynamic and balance armature peers, and meet the industry leader- USound. USound was established in 2014 in Austria, armed with over 150 filed patents. USound proudly works with STM and Flex to reach mass production in 2018.

Several features of USound MEMS speakers include wide frequency range spanning to high pitches, extremely low THD and miniature size. Consequently, their speakers are very popular with TWS earphones, AR/VR headsets, smart glasses, smart speakers and even ultra-sonic applications. Currently USound is working with major consumer electronic brands for NPI. 

AATC is USound's only rep and distributor in Taiwan. Contact us for more details about MEMS speakers and we look forward to visiting you for demos and ppt presentation, thanks.

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