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AATC helps you with short lead times

AATC helps you with short lead times

Announcement Date: Sep 7, 2021

Global component market has suffered from raw material shortage and tightened capacity for a long time. This results in longer lead time for customers and many are seeking second sources. AATC is happy to fill those voids with our safety stock and flexible production schedule.

Regarding safety stock, we strive to regularly stock fast-moving, large-volume buzzers. These include TH buzzers (AC series) and SMT buzzers (AD series). Furthermore, on-demand MP orders can be delivered in reasonable time. For example, SMT buzzers have geneneral lead times within two months, and typically Electret Condenser Microphones (ECMs) have lead times within a month. For micro-speakers, two or three months of lead times are common.

If you have long ongoing or large quantity projects with us, we are more than happy to discuss forecast with you. It’s possible for AATC to prepare monthly, quarterly or even annual production for you in advnace. We have customers placing orders for 2022’s usage to us to secure future material. Last but not least, you’re welcome to work with AATC’s distributors worldwide, and have they keep stock for you. Our main distributors are listed here, and are still growing!



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