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AATC Offers Piezo Buzzers Produced by Full-Automated Line

AATC provides piezo buzzers with internal spring contact structure. The new series is modified from traditional piezo buzzers with PCB-connected pins, and is fully compatible with automated production. Its upper and bottom housing are combined together and a set of spring contacts is embedded. AATC is proud to design and tune our buzzer’s front and back chamber, producing proprietary mold, and achieves maximized loudness in either 2khz or 4khz resonance frequency.


Piezo buzzers with internal spring contact structure have high mass production efficiency and high reliability. AATC is already delivering these buzzers to customers in consumer electronic applications. The latest, featured series include three model sizes, AZ-P13 (phi 12.6mm), AZ-P14 (phi 14mm), AZ-P17 (phi 17mm) and much more to come in near future. Customers can also choose models with radial taping which is also automatically mountable, for example like model AZ-F13.



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