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3. Should I choose micro-speakers or buzzers?

Micro-speakers are characterized by wider and flatter frequency response, which are appropriate for music and voice output. Buzzers’ frequency responses are more steep, so they usually operate on specific frequencies for maximum SPL. Furthermore diaphragms of buzzers and micro-speakers are not the same, those of the latter are more capable of producing low frequencies.

The advantage of buzzers over micro-speakers, however, is their SPL output at resonant frequency. For example, a 12mm buzzer may produce a SPL of 90dB at its resonant frequency of 2.4kHz, yet a 12mm micro-speaker can merely produce SPL of 75dB at 2.4kHz without obvious distortion. To sum up, buzzers are capable of driving maximum sound output at specifically designated frequency, while micro-speakers excel in producing consistent sound output at a wider range of frequency.



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