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Q1. Please tell the piezoelectric buzzer and electromagnetic buzzer (his excitement) drive circuit example?

He is the type of piezoelectric buzzer, by the product between the two terminals plus AC voltage and motion.
In the case of a standard drive circuit, there are two methods, (1) using a transistor circuit and (2) driving directly through an IC.
        (1) the situation of the transistor circuit


        In the case of a transistor circuit, an example of a driving circuit for a piezoelectric buzzer (his excitement)         
        The greater the voltage value applied to V, the greater the sound pressure of the piezoelectric sound element, and thus is widely used in the case where it is possible to ensure that the power supply voltage (voltage) is higher than the microcomputer driving voltage.
        For the circuit components in the figure, supplements are as follows:         

  • Rp in the figure is essential to release the charge stored in the piezoelectric sound element, so be sure to use it.
              Rs is the volume adjustment, please use when necessary.           
  • When the protection IC is protected against the reverse voltage of the piezoelectric element, the transistor becomes a buffer, but for the protection of the transistor itself, consider the Zener diode and the piezoelectric element and Rp is used in parallel.           
  • FETs can also be used instead of transistors.         

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