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5. How to decide buzzer specifications?

Usually buzzes are powered by 3V (its series include 3.3V and 3.6V), 5V, and 12V; 1.5V, 24V, and 220V are less common. Sizes of buzzers range from 4mm to 55mm, and come in different mounting types such as wire, dip and SMD.

According to usages, sound outputs come in three categories, reminder sound, alert sound and alarm sound. For reminder sounds, SPL are around 70dB. Reminder sounds serve to unobtrusively remind users of action completed (e.g. clicking on tablets), overly loud sounds will cause discomfort. For alert sounds, SPL are around 80dB to notify users of normal or abnormal product behavior, such as machines being turned on or battery running low. For alarm sounds, SPL are around 110dB for automotive horns, and above 120dB for emergency alarms.



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