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昊宬股份有限公司(原名:苙翔科技股份有限公司)Focus on manufacturing high-quality electro-acoustic components (buzzer, speaker, microphone, receiver, alarm ...). We combine the latest scientific and technical knowledge and expertise to utilize the most sophisticated instruments and precision tools to develop the products and solutions that are needed for the electronics industry.

昊宬 /笠翔 Have sufficient practical experience and technology, in the industry is located in the leading position, Brastel can provide high-quality electronic products and related electronic terminal application technology services. Our products include in the computer, communications, automotive, medical equipment, security, uninterruptible power supply, Bluetooth terminal, GPS, household appliances ... ... and other consumer electronics products, the quality of our Division to be more active Relentless exploration of the spirit of the product for the process of integration and quality improvement, to enhance the quality of management performance.





昊宬 /笠翔 (ISO 9001) in order to ensure the quality of the customer's use, together with the good quality of the warehousing and storage of the company's products and the quality of the system in line with the international quality certification standards (ISO 9001) Distribution system services, can quickly and accurately deliver the product to the customer. Currently end users have ACER、ADVANTECH、AMD、ASUS、AT&T、ASROCK、CANON、CIPHERLAB、CASTLES、DELL、DELTA、D- LINK、FLUKE、FOXCONN、FUJI、FUJITSU、FUNAI、GE、GIGABYTE、HAIER、HIK- VISION、 HONDA、HONEYWELL、HP、HAIER、IAC、INTEL、JOHNSON、JABIL、KODAK、KYOCERA、LENOVO、LITEON、LUXGEN、MICROSOFT、MITSUBISHI、MOTOROLA、MSI、NIKON、NOLAN、OLYMPUS、PEGATRON、PANASONIC、PHILIPS、SAKURA、 SANYO、SONY、SERCOMM、TOYOTA、TOSHIBA、USI、VOLKSWAGEN、WISTRON......

Our company has the world's advanced 丹麥 B&K 2012 電聲測試系統RoHS 分析檢測儀器, In June 2007 a comprehensive import RoHS standard process, and products are sold around the world, including the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Japan and South Korea, the United States and Europe.

昊宬 /笠翔 In the '' to meet the market '' operating guidelines, and in the emphasis on quality control under the premise of our Division has been made ISO9001 : 2000、ISO14001 : 2004TS16949 : 2002 體系認證。Quality first is the company's philosophy, customer satisfaction is our pursuit, I wholeheartedly for the customers at home and abroad to provide the best quality products and services!






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