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What is a sound element?

For example: buzzer, speaker, receiver, microphone ... etc ...
        Sound - the vibration of the air.

        Air vibration (sound source) → pressure change (sound wave) → tympanic vibration → as voice recognition
        The air pressure generated when the sound is vibrated is called the sound pressure. Sound pressure is dense, this change in 1 second to repeat the number of frequency.
        Sound Loudness → Unit: dB (dB)
        Sound height → unit: Hz (Hz)
        About sound pressure level (sound loudness) The minimum sound loudness that people can hear normally is 0dB (20μPa), which is the reference of sound pressure.
        Whisper about 20dB normal dialogue about 60dB light rail about 100dB
        Sound source distance farther sound will be smaller as shown below.
        On the frequency (sound height) the ear can hear the "sound" frequency band (audible frequency range), usually "20Hz ~ 20,000Hz (20kHz)". Among them, "2kHz ~ 4kHz" area of ​​the sound can be the most effective to hear, so the sound components using "2kHz ~ 4kHz" situation is more.
        ※ elderly people are not easy to hear the sound of more than 3kHz.



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